If you are looking for SMCR compliance, Kramer Sullivan is here to help you get ready for the upcoming deadline of 31st March 2021. 

With more than 60,000 regulated firms by the FCA in need of SMCR compliance, we have partnered with RQC Group who have recently launched a series of online SMCR courses to help you and your employees up-to-speed.

From just £30 to £54 per course, every course can be completely online from start to finish, with the option to pause, fast-forward and rewind at your discretion.

With each SMCR training course lasting 30 to 45 minutes, you can complete a series of questions at the end and receive CPD accreditation upon satisfactory completion. 

Proudly in Partnership with RQC Group

Key Features

What is SMCR?

SMCR is a new regime introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority, the watchdog and regulator for financial services in the UK.

The SMCR stands for Senior Managers Certification Regime and is based around the idea of accountability for senior managers who deal with large investments or sums of money.

Following the financial credit crisis of 2008 where individuals and investors lost millions and even billions through different investments, it was hard to find culpability to individuals and many were able to hide under large firms without punishment.

The SMCR aims to overcome this, with senior managers now responsible for the dealing of large investments and will be held liable for any large losses.

With the deadline for SMCR on the 31st March 2021, all employees working for regulated firms in the UK will need to be up-to-date with any SMCR practices to continue trading thereafter. 

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What is Included in SMCR Courses?

With reference to the courses available from the RQC Group, the courses include:

The SMCR overview is the first course which applies at all levels within a financial institution, or the entity that is providing financial services. 

The Senior Managers Regime is the second course which refers to improving accountability at the top level. 

The Certification Regime means that certain key employees need to be vetted at least once per year to ensure that they are acting compliant. 

The SMCR Conduct Rules is a newly introduced code of conduct for the financial services industry and it applies to all employees in the organisation.

The course are broken down into three categories of ‘Solo’ regulated Firms (Limited Scope Firms, Core Firms or Enhanced Firms)

Which Companies Need to be SMCR Compliant?

The total addressable market is around 500,000 employees working for 60,000 FCA regulated firms in the UK, including:

Why Should I Use Kramer Sullivan and RQC Group for SMCR Courses?

Kramer Sullivan has partnered with RQC Group, a compliance firm with a strong history and reputation across the UK and US.

RQC Group have been the innovators in the SMCR industry, with the first company to create and release SMCR training courses for the general public.

The courses are expertly produced by a team of professional compliance lawyers – and with short durations, the ability to stop and pause and questions at the end of each video, it has everything you need to get you and your firm ready for SMCR.

With courses starting from just £30 per employee, you can also request a demo directly from the RQC Group website and start training immediately upon registration.